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                              Head of the Department

               Department of Humanities and Science


Mr GANGADHAR TALARI, Head of the Department, HUMANITIES AND SCIENCE having 12 years of Teaching Experience.

Published 5 Papers in different  peer reviewed International and National  journals, Participated in more than 20 workshops/FDPs/seminar/Training programs at reputed institutes. Successfully organized several international/ national symposium, conference, workshop and seminar. 

Area of research are VLSI Technology, Embedded system and Internet Of Things.

Always work actively to break down the barriers that students experience to their learning, which can come in many forms:

  •       In understanding how new knowledge relates to existing knowledge.

  •       Understanding where new information belongs on their knowledge tree.

  •       In understanding how a concept is relevant to them & their future. 

  •       Misunderstanding their personal learning style.

  •       In connecting with the teaching style of their teacher.

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