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  • Criteria 2
    2.1.1 Final admission list as published by the HEI and endorsed by the competent authority Student list 2.1.2 Document related to sanction of intake from affiliating University/ Government/statutory body for first year’s students only. 2.1.2 seats earmarked 2.2.1 2.3.1 Abstract 2.4.1 Sanction letters year wise 2.4.2 Year wise faculty certificates 2.5.1:Mechanism of internal/ external assessment is transparent and the grievance redressal system is time- bound and efficient 2.6.1 2.6.2:Attainment of POs and COs are evaluated. of final year students who appeared for the university examination year-wise during the last five years T_SHEETS
  • Criteria 1
    1.3.1:Institution integrates crosscutting issues relevant to Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability in transacting the Curriculum 1.2.1 DVV 1.2.1 1.2.2 Attendance sheets year wise 1.1.1 1.4.1 DVV 1.4.1 1.3.2 DVV 1.3.2
  • criteria 3
  • Criteria 6 6.1 6.2.1 6.3.3 6.3.3(a) 6.3.3(b) 6.3.3(c) 6.2.2 6.3.1 6.3.2:Percentage of teachers provided with financial support to attend conferences/workshops and towards membership fee of professional bodies 6.4 6.5.1 6.5.2 IQAC MEETING 6.5.2 COLLOBORATIVE
  • Criteria 3
    3.1.1 3.2.2 3.3.1 3.3.2 3.2.1 3.4.1 3.4.2 DVV CLARIFICATIONS 3.4.3 number of extension and outreach programs 3.3.2 Number of books and conferences
    Year-wise list of beneficiary students in each scheme duly signed by the competent authority. dvv relevant documents FREESHIPS 5.1.1: Percentage of students benefited by scholarships and freeships provided by the institution, government and non-government bodies, industries, individuals, philanthropists during the last five years 5.1.3: Percentage of students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career counselling offered by the Institution during the last five years Career Counselling Career Guidance 5.1.3 DVV Clarifications students attendance list Student certificates 5.1.2 DVV Clarifications ICT certificates Life skills certificates Life Skills supporting files ICT Supporting files 5.2.1:Percentage of placement of outgoing students and students progressing to higher education during the last five years 5.2.1 DVV CLARIFICATIONS dvv template list of students placed list of students higher education 5.4 ALUMNI ICT TRAINNINGS Life Skills 5.1.3 Career Guidance DVV Clarifications 5.3.1 5.3.1 new DVV proofs
  • Criteria 7
    7.1.1:Institution has initiated the Gender Audit and measures for the promotion of gender equity during the last five years. Describe the gender equity & sensitization in curricular and co-curricular activities, facilities for women on campus 7.1.2:The Institution has facilities and initiatives for 7.1.3:Quality audits on environment and energy regularly undertaken by the Institution. 7.1.4:Describe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment i.e., tolerance and harmony towards cultural, regional, linguistic, communal socioeconomic and Sensitization of students and employees to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens 7.2.1:Describe two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution as per NAAC format provided in the Manual 7.2.1 Best Practice supporting Document 7.3.1:Portray the performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust 7.3(b)
  • Criteria 7
    7.1.3 Beyond the campus environmental promotion activities
  • criteria 4
    4.1.1:The Institution has adequate infrastructure and other facilities for, teaching – learning, viz., classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment etc ICT – enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS etc. 4.2.1 4.1.2 1 4.3 4.4.1
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    Building Plans
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    dept library land doc
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