✤ Goals Of The College: ✤                                                                              ✤ Core Values:

1. Become a recognized Institution for quality education:

2. Encourage Research &Innovation to drive an Academic project as a startup:

3. Create an internationally acclaimed employable human resource

✤ Core Values ✤

Quality and Excellence:

Quality and excellence is a continuous process. It is achieved from a persistent commitment through a hard work, diligence, perseverance and consistence. Persuade for higher quality through transparency and delegation of power.

Research and Innovation:

Academic excellence in a higher education institution is measured through its potential research and innovation activities. We value and support the academic research for the societal needs.

Values and Ethics:

We provide education with values. We strive to create an environment where student is allowed to excel in the field of interest blended with human values and professional ethics.

Collaboration and Consultancy:

We value professional success achieved out of collaboration. The collaboration and consultancy includes work relationships, research, scholarships, service and teaching. We believe that collaboration and consultancy is a key factor for participative learning.


We recognize and value the role of a graduate as a responsible citizen in the society and are employable with his professional, academic, research contributions blended with human values and professional ethics.