✤ Code Ethics ✤

      SBIT has set rules to be abided by, with respect to publication ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research.

      R & D cell is committed to uphold the highest standard of publication ethics. In order to have best quality Research, the following principles of publication ethics are adopted so as to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research.

      All the publications which are not in accordance with set rules are not considered for sponsorship by the Institution. The checking of all the research work is done in a peer review process.

      We have introduced new plagiarism detecting software “Plagiarism CheckX” to screen the submitted research articles and post graduates projects. This software compares the text of the document with data base available on the Internet, Information data base, International document archive, Global reference database etc. and checks the originality of the documentation.

      The post graduate research project documented by the students is peer-reviewed and the document submitted by the student is verified by online verification mechanism by respective guides before forwarding the documentation for submission.

      Research and Development (R&D) cell checks for the plagiarism of the document before forwarding to examination branch. The R&D cell verifies the veracity of the information submitted along with the quality of material. The R&D cell maintains the integrity of the academic system and keeps the research activity so that there is parity with the basic Intellectual and ethical standards.

      Code of Ethics and best practices adopted:

     1. To ensure that all the Research articles/documents are reviewed by suitably qualified full time faculty.

     2. To adopt processes that encourage accuracy, completeness, clarity of research reporting, including technical editing and use of appropriate guidelines.

     3. To develop a transparent policy to encourage a research and maximum confidence among the faculty in the review process.

     4. To adopt authorship and contribution system.

     5. To exhibit and distribute the activities of the R&D cell.

     6. For the post graduate projects

       a. The examination branch will submit the same to the University to fulfill the requirements for the award of degree after examining the plagiarism report from R&D cell.

       b. In case of any abnormal changes required in the documentation, the examination department will return the document. Otherwise the document will be forwarded to the university.

       c. To forward the documents pertaining to PG projects after thorough review process to the examination branch by respective guides through proper channels.

       d. After receipt of appointment of examiner for the project from the University, the viva voce examination will be scheduled.

     7. The violation of code of publication ethics leads to resubmission/review/ rejection of the application.